General information of the project

Among the most important parts of any project is defining its general information, as it is an important factor for the success or failure of the project. Owners of large or small companies all go through the same stages, and if any of them are ignored, this may lead to the failure of the project. The following points are the basic information for each project that must be identified accurately:

  1. project name

  2. Project Idea

  3. The reason for choosing the idea

  4. Legal form of the project: Foundation or company

  5. Names of partners and the role of each partner (if any)

Have you noticed that most successful companies today have a unique name that distinguishes them from others, this may be considered the most difficult point in the project and it may take time for you to find a distinctive name for your new project or your own company, but believe me it is worth it, there is a strong relationship between the name of the project and its goal, so it is necessary That the idea is appropriate to the work environment and that it addresses one of the problems of the society in which you live, and this can be classified as the reason for choosing the idea.

 Description of products and services

In this section you provide an accurate description of the products or services that you will provide. The purpose of this section is to provide detailed, accurate explanations of what you will be presenting. Importantly, this description outlines important features of the products or services that you will offer as well as how the products and services will be benefited by customers and the company.

The impact of technology on the idea of ​​the project

This section explains if technology has any impacts on your business, either positively or negatively. And how you can employ technology for the success of your project, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Does technology have any negative effects on your products or services?
  2. Does technology have any positive effects on your products or services?
  3. Will your products or services be affected by technology in the near future?
  4. How will you employ technology from your advantage and benefit from it?

state economy

If you are one of the people interested in importing or exporting or a start-up company, you must know the general situation of the country's economy in the last three years as well as the following points:

  1. The state budget in previous years and the state budget in the current year. (public spending, revenue, surplus or deficit)
  2. Is the economy declining - rising - stable?
  3. What is the gross domestic product for the last three years?
  4. What about the purchasing power of individuals?
  5. What are the economic expectations about the market?

All of the above factors pave the way for long-term projects.

product/service market

This section describes the current market for the products or services offered by the company. It describes who constitutes the target group for these products and services, who are the competitors, how the products are distributed, and why customers choose to buy your products or services.

  1. Who are the target group?
  2. Who are the future competitors?
  3. How big is the total market? (local - imported)
  4. How much of the local products make up the market?
  5. How much is imported products from the market?
  6. How much demand in the past years?
  7. Is demand more than supply or vice versa?
  8. What are the customer's purchase motives?
  9. Why would the customer choose you (what sets you apart from your competition)?
Published on: 7/16/22, 11:50 PM